Quality Assurance Certified

QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFIEDANTECEDENTS AND CREDENTIALS are the two main building blocks or the DNA of any business and any client desiring to use any services or products in the market will refer to the above two building blocks before selecting the service provider or the producer. This is true for any industry and business, irrespective of the type of business or the volume. Henna International Pvt. Ltd. has achieved market leadership through incessantly working towards strengthening of the two main building blocks. Henna International Pvt. Ltd. has reached the pinnacle of success by continually striving for excellence in meeting our clients requirements. The procedures and systems adopted by Henna International Pvt. Ltd. are improvised and improved with a single goal in mind i.e to serve the consumer be it the recruiter or the Job Aspirant, thereby building up the first building block of ANTECEDENTS.
Henna International Pvt. Ltd. Has established, documented, implemented and maintained Quality Management system for Recruitment, Head Hunting and Deployment of Human Resources and continually improves it’s effectiveness as accepted by Standards of ISO. Henna International Pvt. Ltd. identified & implemented the processes needed for the Quality Management System and their application for achieving the desired results. We monitored, measured and analyzed these processes. We takes necessary actions for achieving planned results and continual improvement of the defined processes. The above mentioned processes include processes for management activities, provision of resources, product realization and measurement.

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