About Us

Henna International HR COMPANY‘Intercepted in 1994, “Henna International Pvt. Ltd.” Manpower Consultants has trod the most innovative and strategic path in making human resource more customized to the needs of various industries. Nevertheless, focusing also on the career prospects of candidates.

Being India’s leading government recognized manpower consultant,Henna International Pvt. Ltd. has become the ideal choice of leading companies who wish to recruit professional human resources from India.

Small wonder, the company has been recognized as the most resourceful entity in manpower consultancy across various industries with multiple candidate profiles. Henna International Pvt. Ltd. has provided its recruiting Service since decades to a large spectrum of reputed companies abroad by ensuring competent and reliable personnel to suit their job requirements.

The company’s core expertise in manpower consultancy is powered by the following cutting-edge advantages:

• Proactive & ethical approach.
• Identification with and understanding the needs of each industry.
• Commitment in provision of manpower in specific time frame.
• Quick and dynamic execution of cumbersome formalities.
• Transparency in operations and professional code of conduct.
• Ensured quality, confidentially and client loyalty.
• A dynamic team of qualified and experienced experts with senior consultants from diverse fields of various industries.
• Extensive reach with an exhaustive, nationwide database of qualified candidates.
• Competitively cost effective.